Saturday, 6 October 2012

[Personal project] Crusadin'

As active followers will know, I've been swept along into the Brony hype, so it was inevitable that I ended up emulating the animation style of the show. After watching several animation deconstructions from the show, I found myself some model packs and started work.
A huge part of the community for the show is the fan made music and remixes, one of which I decided to work with:

The animation style for the clip I created was very different to how I normally work, so naturally it was a huge learning curve for me. Rather than drawing everything onto the stage, the symbol based animation had me using a lot of graphics and tweens to construct the motion. The model pack I got only had one basic pose, so I had to copy down a lot of angles and components from screenshots of the show itself. Below is the final short clip:

The short attracted a lot of attention from the community, getting me over 10000 views, which was a huge boost compared to my other, less known videos on YouTube. It also attracted attention to my other animations too, as well as getting a lot of requests for the full video that I will eventually be making. Finally, I got an offer to work with someone on an animation that will be shown at a convention, which will again, be a huge help to my publicity. The thing I'm most satisfied about however, is breaking out of using one particular animation style, and no longer being a one trick pony.

What a better way to sum up a post than on a terrible pun!


  1. Please don't pull a Max Gilardi and let this shit consume you....

    1. Nope nope, just a side project, bottom of the to do list